Jigsaw Puzzle XL

The Puzzle XL variant is a jigsaw puzzle game with a minimum of 100 pieces and a maximum of 160 pieces. A challenge for fans of puzzle games.

You have 45 minutes to solve the puzzle. In case of not having been able to finish it in that time, the number of pieces placed will be counted for the result. In any case, you will be given the option to continue solving the puzzle, although it will no longer be taken into account for the ranking of the game.

For these large jigsaw puzzles we have made a selection of spectacular images from the thousands of images available for the Ludoteka Puzzle game.

Being a puzzle with many pieces, two specific tools have been added that will help you solving the game: a zoom and the option of grouping tiles in an area.

If you prefer smaller puzzles you can play the Puzzle XS and Medium Size.

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… and read the detailed Jigsaw Puzzle game rules

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