Terms of use and advice


To use the Ludoteka.com gaming service, users must register. It is a totally free process. They must provide only a nickname, a password, and a valid email address.

The user can modify their nickname, password and email address.

By browsing the website and registering for the service, users know and accept these terms of use of the service, as well as the privacy and data protection policy, the general conditions and all the information contained in the legal notice.

By registering, the user accepts that Ludoteka.com may communicate any incident, novelty or notification directly related to the service through the electronic mail provided, as well as through the internal messaging system and notices on its own website.

The email address that the user links to their registration is used for this type of communication about the service itself. It is also used to make possible to recover their password in the event that they forget it. The user can modify at any time their option to receive communications by email, through the registration form or the existing link in the communications that have been sent to them until that date. At Ludoteka we do not have the slightest interest or willingness to importune users with frequent communications, and these communications are really rare. For this reason, we recommend that users keep the option of receiving emails selected in order to be informed of any news.

In any case, we recommend always having the email address duly updated with a valid address, since in case of forgetting your password and requesting a new one, the only way to regain control over your registration will be through the new password that the system sends the user to their email address.

The user can delete their registration at any time through the web registration form itself. As said in the form, when the will to delete has been stated, a period of between 48 and 72 hours starts, during which the user may cancel their request for deletion simply by accessing the website and logging in. If the user lets this period pass, the elimination will be final and will no longer be revocable.

Ludoteka.com reserves the right to delete those user registrations that do not comply with the rules of the service.

Likewise, those user registrations that the system already detects that have not been used for a long period will be periodically deleted.

Communication tools

Ludoteka offers some communication tools (private chat and game chat) to facilitate contact between players in the scope of the games offered. The service is not responsible for the comments and opinions expressed by users through these tools.

Game chats

As a complementary feature to the main game-playing service, players who have confirmed a valid email address have a chat available in the games they play. In these chats there are specific tools to avoid the use of the chat, and to ignore a particular player. This means that if in a game, for whatever reason, there is no more than one player who has chat enabled, it is automatically disabled for everyone. Chat is disabled for all users accessing from a mobile device.

The use of chat tools to offend or annoy other players, or any thing that may lead to disrespect is prohibited. The system automatically filters those comments that are detected and that do not comply with this basic rule of good use. Players may mark another player's comments as inappropriate. The system may apply restrictions on the use of chat to a player if there is a reiteration in the use of expressions considered inappropriate by other players.

Private chats

Players have an asynchronous communication tool in the form of a private chat with other players. These are conversations between two players that last over time. It is only possible to use a private chat between two players who have labeled each other as friends. Regardless of whether it is a context of private use, the elementary rules of respect applicable throughout Ludoteka also apply in these private chats.

Being an asynchronous tool, conversations are saved for a time so that they can be consulted by players without both being present at the same time.

Chat tools in the Classic Zone

The service offers users real-time text communication tools (chats). The conversations held by users are not saved in any way by the service, although there is a specific exception to this rule: As one more means to enforce the rules of use regarding respect between players and prohibition of inappropriate language in the communications with each other in Ludoteka, in each of the chat windows they use, players have a mechanism by which they send Ludoteka a copy of the conversation held during the last minutes; These conversations are reviewed for the sole purpose of verifying if there is indeed any case of behavior or language misuse, prohibited in Ludoteka's chats. Once this check has been made, the conversations are eliminated except in those cases in which it is verified that they must lead to the restriction on the use of the chat immediately or in the future.

Users therefore assume in this context that all conversations held in chats are public. Ludoteka players, by virtue of being such, as with any of the rules of use of the service, know and accept this system of possible saving and review of their conversations themselves or any other player with whom they share conversation decide at any time start this mechanism. Likewise, they unconditionally accept this service control work and the decisions made in this exercise.

The scoring system

The Ludoteka.com scoring system estimates the skill level of each player in each game or modality with respect to the rest of the players. Levels and scores are always individual; in pairs or team matches, each player's updates are made separately.

Statistics are updated as a result of an elaborate calculation process, whose criteria are usual in scoring systems associated with games.

The calculations to set the levels are reflected in the reports that are created at the end of each game, that can be consulted for a period of approximately one month.

The technical criteria used for this calculation in the Classic Zone, as well as a more extensive explanation of this valuation system are explained in more detail on the corresponding help page.

Correct use of the scoring system

As a complementary option to the main gaming service itself, users can choose to play games in which Ludoteka makes a rough assessment of their level of play based on the results of the games played within the scope of Ludoteka itself. This choice is made by the user in each game that they dispute through what from the game interface itself is called playing “competitive games or scoring games”. The scoring system is therefore the assessment that the service makes on the level of a player's game, based on the games actually played, and in order that the rest may approximate that level of play of their potentials rivals.

Ludoteka determines the criteria to carry out that assessment. Along with the technical criteria followed by the system, there are rules regarding the proper use of this evaluation system by users. Technical criteria and rules of use compose as a whole the rules of the level rating system of each player that Ludoteka performs.

The user of the service who chooses to play games in which this assessment is made does so by accepting these rules, including the arbitration role in charge of Ludoteka herself when establishing the level assessment.

The points and game levels shown, as a numerical representation of Ludoteka's assessment, are not at all something that belongs to the users or over which they acquire any specific rights. They are not something that they earn for themselves or that they can exchange in any way with each other. They are one more tool of the service itself.

In this context, any action aimed at falsely increasing the points of a username is strictly prohibited: repetitively facing rivals who let themselves be won, giving points from one username to another one controlled by the same person by playing games that obviously are not disputed, neglect the game, hinder the normal development of the games, insult the rivals, rely on the use of computer programs to choose movements, communicate with rivals or playmates in those games in which the element secret be relevant,... This list is not intended to be exhaustive but merely exemplary, and any other action that the service considers unsportsmanlike and/or tending to distort the level assessment system is also prohibited. In cases where such actions are detected, Ludoteka proceeds to limit the use of the scoring system and/or to reduce the player's score and level.

Ludoteka reserves the right to make any changes it deems necessary, in the system itself in general or in certain particular cases, in order to achieve the objective of the scoring system to show the skill of players as closely as possible.

Scorings in the Classic Zone

Periodically, and as part of the scoring system itself, Ludoteka checks the games played in order to locate improper performances and proceed to the corresponding adjustments to the score.

Likewise, and in addition to the withdrawal of points improperly obtained, Ludoteka.com reserves the possibility of withdrawing more points, to a greater or lesser extent according to its own criteria, or to temporarily or permanently disable the use of the scoring system, in those cases in which actions of this type were detected.

Users agree that their games can be reviewed in order to carry out the pertinent checks to locate the actions indicated above or other similar ones. In this context, a fundamental criterion is that of “disputed departure”. It is understood that only those games that are considered to have been really contested should be part of the evaluation of the level of play, understanding as such those in which the service believes that the number of people indicated by the number of users participating in it. In short, the basic sportsmanship criteria are those applied in this regard.

Rules of good behavior

Provocative and disrespectful behabiors are considered unacceptable in Ludoteka; no insults, threats, or disparagement are accepted in any of the areas that users can communicate with each other or with the service itself. It is also considered as disrespectful to abandon games halfway without reason, cheat through constant changes of identity, and try to impersonate other players using similar identifiers. In this kind of actions happen in a serious or repeated way, the player may be penalized with measures such as the deprivation of some of the services offered, or even the temporary or permanent blocking of the username and/or access point, and other user names that could be linked to that nick or to the same access point.

The use of user names that may be offensive is expressly prohibited. Ludoteka reserves the right to review registered nicknames and, according to its own criteria, block their use and compel the user concerned to modify their name for a more appropriate one. In cases of repetition of inappropriate user names, Ludoteka may proceed to definitive blocking or deletion of registrations.


  • Protect your nickname with a hard to guess password. Otherwise, you could become the next victim of password theft. You must discard your own and your pet's names, your email address, the place where you live, your date of birth, common words and any information that could be guessed by someone who knows about you. Entering a strange letter or number should suffice. If what happens is that you are afraid of forgetting your own password because it is complicated, do not forget to keep your email address in the registration data, since they will help you to obtain a new one. And delete the messages that indicate the password if you fear that someone with access to your email may steal it.
  • Learn different games: the effort to learn the rules of new games and develop strategies to master them is amusing and an excellent mental exercise. Maybe you end up concluding that the games you usually play are still the most entertaining and interesting, but you will surely have enough time to practice them. In addition, Ludoteka makes it easy for you to change games at any given time by following up with your friends without having to agree to go to a different area.
  • Before purchasing Ludo+ subscription, make sure that the service pleases you and works properly on your computer.
  • Decide whether or not to use the scoring system . If you use it, do not give importance to reaching an high level: the main goal of the scoring system is to provide personal motivation for improvement, and above all to help finding similar skilled players to play balanced games.
  • Rest: don't play for a long time. Staying too long in front of the computer can be harmful. If you playing continuously consecutive games, you surely will lose concentration and the skill you develop in the game will deteriorate.
  • Enjoy it. Ludoteka has been built with the aim to help people taking pleasure, and this is surely what you are looking for. However, under several circumstances you could stop having a good time: the deterioration of the relationship with other players, the frustration caused by defeats, or the boredom caused by repetitions of similar games. If you feel frustrated or unmotivated, and this prevents you from enjoying the use of Ludoteka, our advice is to take a break, stop using the scoring system, change games, or simply stop using the service.