Blub game

Blub is a coloured bubble game in which you have to explode al th bubbles in the screen, summing the lowest possible sum of penalty points.

Blub online

Bubble game

Blub online

Bubble game

Blub online

Bubble advanced game

Blub online

Blub game online: games have different difficulty levels depending on the number of colors of the bubbles, and the size of the board.

Whenever you play a rated solitaire game in Ludoteka, you are competing against other players. Up to 25 different players will play the same game, during a maximum period of two days. For more information see the solitaire games.

Tips: Although there is not an absolute optimum method, it usually helps to start by popping all the bubbles of one color. Do not rush, remember that the classification is done according to the number of singles bubbles popped, and only in case of a tie, the time taken.

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