Queens Solitaire

Queens solitaire consists in placing the least possible number of chess queens on the board so that all the squares are attacked by some of the queens.

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Queens game

Queens online

Queens games online: New games are generated every day. The size and shape of the board, and the number of queens needed that solve it are variable. So, the difficulty or the games is very variable.

Whenever you play a rated solitaire game in Ludoteka, you are competing against other players. Up to 25 different players will play the same game, during a maximum period of two days. For more information see the solitaire games.


  • Start by placing queens that attack as many squares as possible.
  • If the solution obtained is not the optimal (that is, it can be solved with fewer queens), you may continue trying to improve your result until the time runs out.

To learn how to play Queens, you can …

… and read the detailed Queens game rules

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