Abacus solitaire

Among the many math games that exist, Abacus solitaire shows a series of numbers and mathematical operations at the beginning of each game. Combining the numbers with the operations, you must reach as quick as possibl the exact target, or a result as close as possible.

Abacus is a solitaire game suitable for those who like math and calculation.

Juego de cálculo Ábaco online

Abacus game

Abacus online

The system generates new games of Abacus daily by randomly choosing the operations and numbers of the test, and there is always some perfect solution to reach the target.

Whenever you play a rated solitaire game in Ludoteka, you are competing against other players. Up to 25 different players will play the same game, during a maximum period of two days. For more information see the solitaire games.

Go ahead and play Abacus online to show your calculation skills by competing with other players in Ludoteka.

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