Slick solitaire

Slick is a solitaire game in which you must spread an oil slick across the board in the fewest possible number of steps. At the beginning of each game you will see a board full of figures of different colors, but with a black square or area, which will be from where the oil spill begins. At each step a color must be selected, so that the oil slick extends over all areas of the same color that are already in contact with the oil slick area.

Juego Marea Negra online - 1

Slick game - Example 1

Juego Marea Negra online - 2

Slick game - Example 2

Juego Marea Negra online - 3

Advanced Slick game - Example 3

It is a very simple game to learn but nevertheless a good analysis of the board must be carried out to have a good result, watching carefully the distribution of the pieces and their colors.

Slick online

When you start a Slick game online, the system will show you the board covered by a variable number of pieces, of different shape, color and size, except for some of them that will be shown in black, which will be the starting points of the oil slick. In addition, it may contain some fixed pieces that cannot be covered by the oil slick, thus hindering its progress and consequently the resolution of the test.

Whenever you play a rated solitaire game in Ludoteka, you are competing against other players. Up to 25 different players will play the same game, during a maximum period of two days. For more information see the solitaire games.

Tip: Move towards the most remote or inaccessible areas.

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