Barricade Individual

The Barricade individual variant is for two players. Each of them handles 2 colors, red and yellow, or blue and green; therefore, on each turn they can move any of their 10 balls. The goal is to reach the top position with any of the balls.

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1 Otrorobo player icon Otrorobo 3683
2 vinoxfavor player icon vinoxfavor 3022
3 Bolamalva player icon Bolamalva 2522
4 Loba_ player icon Loba_ 2470
5 emiflyer player icon emiflyer 2466
6 Yanet30 player icon Yanet30 2463
7 TIRADOR2 player icon TIRADOR2 2443
8 jorgeip player icon jorgeip 2319
9 MundosDeLuz player icon MundosDeLuz 2298
10 La_Morena76 player icon La_Morena76 2297

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