Backgammon Match

Backgammon match

The most popular way to play Backgammon. Player can bet doubling the value of each game, and the goal is to reach 9 points.

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1 boliury player icon boliury 7529
2 mahr player icon mahr 7409
3 maralta1 player icon maralta1 7034
4 Orthodion player icon Orthodion 6943
5 carlosemilio player icon carlosemilio 6590
6 ramiro1972 player icon ramiro1972 6495
7 PICACHU1 player icon PICACHU1 6053
8 SANTI1978 player icon SANTI1978 5951
9 julianmirlo player icon julianmirlo 5897
10 quierovale player icon quierovale 5863

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411 competitors during the last month

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