Backgammon Match

The most popular way to play Backgammon. Player can bet doubling the value of each game, and the goal is to reach 9 points.

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1 boliury player icon boliury 6067
2 SOAD player icon SOAD 5445
3 darknndog player icon darknndog 5313
4 Playback player icon Playback 4837
5 Ignoran player icon Ignoran 4671
6 gpz player icon gpz 4620
7 Mi_Gallo player icon Mi_Gallo 4444
8 Kigarro player icon Kigarro 4434
9 just_play player icon just_play 4408
10 quierovale player icon quierovale 4398

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286 competitors during the last week
615 competitors during the last month

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