Barricade rules

Barricade game rules

Barricade is a racing game whose origin seems to date back to the late eighteenth century.

The aim of the game is to reach the last position on the board before your rivals with one of the balls.

Board, dice and balls

It is played on a board like this one:


Two or four player may take part in the game. Red and yellow colors always play against green and blue. If there are 4 players, each one uses one color ant they form two pairs. In the individual variant each player uses two colors.

In addition to the 20 colored pieces, there are 11 white pieces called barricades and that do not belong to any player, which start the game located as shown in the image.

Progress of the game

  • The ball can advance in any direction, but it cannot retrace its steps.
  • La ball can skip over own and opponent balls.
  • The ball cannot skip over barricades.
  • The ball cannot end the move in a hole occupied by another ball of the same colour.
  • The ball may end the move in a hole occupied by another ball of different colour. In this case that ball is captured and returns to its initial position.
  • The ball can end in a hole occupied by a barricade. In this case, the player places the barricade in any other free position on the board, except for the first row of the course and its final position.

Moving the balls in Ludoteka

The process of moving the balls easy very simple:

  • You can click on the ball you want to move or the position that must be reached. If there is an only option for the marked ball or destiny, the movement will be automatic.
  • If there is more than one option, the system will highlight the available options that complete the movement (balls that can be moved to the destiny or possible destinies for the selected ball).

End of the game

The winner is the player or pair that reaches the top position of the board with any of their balls.