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I come from Ludoteka ClasiKa. What do I need to know?

The content of this page is intended for users who are used to Ludoteka ClasiKa, the previous version of Ludoteka that is still running.

Ludoteka.com was created with the aim of providing a meeting space around traditional games.
Taking into account the accumulated experience and the opinions of the users, Ludoteka was renewed en 2020, keeping its main features and including these improvements and changes:

No downloads

  • You do not have to install the Java plugin. You do not need to download any program. You just need a modern browser to play at Ludoteka.
  • You can also play using mobile devices.

The meeting area

  • There is a single meeting area where you can start any game. So, for example, you can play a solitaire when you do not have a good rival to play your favorite game.
  • In the meeting area you have several tools to choose the game that best suits you: you can open or choose from the list of available games.
  • Game configuration is easier. You just have to choose game variant and game pace: Ritmo relajado Ritmo normal Ritmo rápido Ritmo muy rápido
  • Even faster: one of the features that Ludoteka players most appreciate is that games start and run very quick. This aspect is tuned with the game opening system, flexible management of the time available to play every turn, and shorter limits for the time that the system waits when someone leaves, neglects or disconnects from the game.


  • Improvements in graphics, animations and other aspects of the game interface. You can also choose between different looks (board colors, mat, card back, tile design, ...) for each game.
  • In addition to the most popular solitaires and games offered in the Ludo Zone (which access is available in a section called Ludoteka ClasiKa), there are new games and variants. These are some of them:
  • In card and domino games, you can change the order of your pieces and cards. In some cases this can affect the game (in games like Tute and Chinchon), because the system takes some decisions according to the order in which they are placed.
  • Accounting points change in some games, as Domino for 2 Domino for 2 and Remigio game Remigio

Game levels and scoring

  • Regarding the scoring system, the information displayed for each player is the level, which is represented by a number inside a green shield
    You level up every time you first break a 100-point barrier. The level and the score are different for each variant within the same game.
    Top players score is visible in the ranking of each game.
    For details, see the scoring system.
  • If you play a game for the first time and you played it in the classic version of Ludoteka, your starting level is assigned according to the score you achieved in that game in December 2021.

Chat and social tools

  • In chat you can use emoticons, copy and paste the content of the messages, and choose predefined messages. You can also move, resize, and minimize the game chat window.
  • The system checks automatically the messages and notifications of the chat to prevent, immediately if possible, from making repeatedly an inappropriate use.
  • There is also the possibility of having private conversations with friends through private chats. There is no need to connect simultaneously with Ludoteka.
  • You have higher level of detail to indicate your relationship with other players: friendshipfriendship (accepted by both players), players with whom you prefer or you don't want to play friendship, players you want friendshipor reject to be your pair friendshipand, for extraordinary cases, those with whom you do not want to meet at all


  • You have many help items. We advise you to discover all the possibilities, hover or click buttons, player names, images, chat messages ...
  • The conditions regarding subscription Ludo + remain the same: unsubscribed players will have the option to play up to 30 minutes every day.
    The prices and the secure ways to make the payments are the same.