Truco Venezolano Individual

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El Truco Venezolano es un juego de cartas muy similar al Truco Argentino. Es una variante del truco jugada sobre todo en Venezuela.

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1 Charallave25 player icon Charallave25 4996
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3 pedro1977 player icon pedro1977 4470
4 dontito1 player icon dontito1 4250
5 noelyfo player icon noelyfo 4240
6 CHEQUERS player icon CHEQUERS 3779
7 KOJO_NEGRO player icon KOJO_NEGRO 3144
8 Saturno09 player icon Saturno09 3123
9 kky player icon kky 2915
10 Jorfer012 player icon Jorfer012 2852

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