Domino Venezuelan

Venezuelan Domino is very similar to Domino partners. The main difference is that the points that remain in then hands of the winning pair do not count.

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1 Miguelcaiman player icon Miguelcaiman 6399
2 Ermollejuo player icon Ermollejuo 5613
3 morro2 player icon morro2 4599
4 REINALDO1960 player icon REINALDO1960 4492
5 Dibito player icon Dibito 4467
6 Nehemias player icon Nehemias 4424
7 DM168 player icon DM168 4390
8 juanluis65 player icon juanluis65 4359
9 saltamonte player icon saltamonte 4227
10 danieljrjzx player icon danieljrjzx 4209

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