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Payment methods to purchase Ludo+

Pay with bank card

To obtain a Ludo + subscription you can make a payment using a bank card, both credit and debit. These are the steps you should take to purchase Ludo+ subscription using a bank card:

  • Being identified, display the menu by clicking on your username in the top bar, and choose the option Purchase Ludo+.
  • Among the available payment methods, choose Bank card.
  • Choose for how many days or months you want to subscribe, and press the Card payment button.
  • On the same Ludoteka page, one form related with La Caixa banking entity payment gateway will open. Fill this form with your card details.
  • The payment must be validated through the 3D secure system. So, when you fill the data, the gateway will send you to the page of your card issuer.
  • Confirm there that you are the cardholder indicating the key that your bank will require (usually it is sent by SMS to your mobile).
  • If you give all the data correctly, the payment will be executed and your subscription time will be automatically updated.

Secure payment with 3DSecure

Your bank card must be enabled to make secure payments over the Internet. In addition to the standard security measures for internet payments, the 3DSecure secure level, used to pay in Ludoteka, prevents making payments without your consent using your card details.

I have questions about my card

The management of payments is entirely carried out by the banks involved. Ludoteka just receives the approval of the operation and assigns the corresponding Ludo+ subscription time. The system prevents any bank information from passing through Ludoteka. If you have any question about your bank card, we recommend that you resolve it directly by contacting the bank that issues your card.

You have more information in https://www.ludoteka.com/general-conditions