Remigio rules

Remigio game rules

Remigio or Rabino is a card game in which the cards must be joined in groups of three or more.

Playing the cards

Two English cards packs with jokers (108 cards) are used. Ten cards are dealt to each player, another one is left face up in the middle next to the remaining cards that form face down pile.

When it's time to play, players must take the card that is discovered in the center or the top card of the pile.

After taking that card, the player must throw one of the 11 cards in hand and leave it on top of the uncovered pile of discarded cards.

Linking cards

Players must link their cards, making groups of 3 cards (at least), according to one of these conditions:

  • Cards with the same index.
  • Cards that form a run (cards of the same suit with consecutive indexes).

Jokers may replace any card.

Close the dealing

The player who has linked 10 cards can close the dealing, dropping face down the card left in the center.

It is also possible to close the dealing with color: 10 cards of the same suit.

After closing the dealing, all players show their linked cards.

Cards are show automatically. In case you can combine the cards in different ways, the system selects the most advantageous combination.


Scores are counted as follows:

  • The sum of the unlinked cards is calculated for each player. The value of each card is given by its index, and the figures sum 10
  • The winner scores the sum of the points lost by their opponents.

When the winner gets an special combination, scores are multiplied according to the combination:

  • Without jokers. The result is multiplied by 2
  • Color. The result is multiplied by 3
  • Color without jokers. The result is multiplied by 4
  • Straight flush. The result is multiplied by 5
  • Straight flush without jokers. The result is multiplied by 6
  • Remigio: the 10 cards have the same index. The result is multiplied by 10

Play modes in Ludoteka

Ludoteka offers the option to play games between 2 or 4 players.

Remigio for 2 players

The winner of the dealing scores the sum of the points in the hand of the opponent. The goal is to reach 150 points.

Remigio for 4 players

The winner of the dealing receives from the opponents the sum of their points, and 40 additional points.
They start with 200 points, and the goal is to reach 500 points. The player whose score falls below 0 points is eliminated from the game.