Monte Carlo solitaire rules

Monte Carlo game rules

How to play Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a card solitaire in which you should try to discard all the deck.

When you play a game of Monte Carlo, 25 cards appear face up on the table in a 5x5 card grid.

The goal is to remove the cards in pairs with any of the 8 that surround them, and the spaces will be replaced with the cards that remain in the deck:

  • Select pairs of adjacent (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) cards of the same number.
  • Click on a gap to consolidate: all the cards on the table will move leftward and forward occupying the gaps, and remaining gaps are filled with new cards from the deck.

You should try to remove as many cards as possible, and do it as fast as posible, to beat the other players who play the same game.