International Draughts

International draughts

International draughts is the most popular draughts board game in the world. Ludoteka offers the 12x12 variant (Canadian Draughts).

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1 Nicolasartur player icon Nicolasartur 1765
2 victor042 player icon victor042 1739
3 XIN player icon XIN 1677
4 Esteban00 player icon Esteban00 1325
5 Magoo7 player icon Magoo7 1007
6 aoita10 player icon aoita10 901
7 niko_kryve player icon niko_kryve 852
8 melipillano player icon melipillano 826
9 gonssas player icon gonssas 800
10 NARD2 player icon NARD2 780

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