Chess Blitz

Chess played very quickly, so you barely have time to think.
Many players prefer this variant to avoid opponents using chess programs.

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1 kapablanka player icon kapablanka 4087
2 EnroYao player icon EnroYao 3587
3 fredgtlse20 player icon fredgtlse20 1115
4 ARRASSREX player icon ARRASSREX 1080
5 joli_038 player icon joli_038 1026
6 pecadora1 player icon pecadora1 975
7 7sergio7 player icon 7sergio7 931
8 elbiru player icon elbiru 919
9 Bambitxu player icon Bambitxu 832
10 COBAYO player icon COBAYO 819

Chess Blitz players by levels

54 competitors during the last week
210 competitors during the last month

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