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Jugar en Ludoteka

During the game

The toolbar

The toolbar is in the upper right corner, and you can use it for:

  • Change the look and colors of the game
  • Propose game cancellation
  • Temporarily leave the game
  • Change sound settings

Player information

During the game you can click on any player and you can:

  • See game statistics
  • Propose friendship
  • Mark if you like or dislike to play with them, or as teammates

Chat zone

You may chat with players in the same game.

  • If you just want to focus on the game, the chat window may be minified.
  • The chat window is usually located on the right. If the browser window is vertical, it will be moved automatically to the lower zone.
  • You can directly select several standard messages to send greetings, congratulations...
  • There are also emoticons available.
  • If you ever read an offensive chat message, remember that you can indicate it with by clicking on the message itself.
  • By clicking on any chat message you can block all messages from that player during that game.

After the game

When the game finishes, a new window appear showing the result. You have several options from there:

  • There is an available report for each game you play. You can see the result, the course of the game and, if it is rated, your change in score.
  • Press this button to indicate that you want to repeat the same game with the same people.
  • If you want to play a different game, press this button to return to the game zone.