Texas Holdem Poker Fixed Limit

Fixed Limit is the Ludoteka variant of Poker Texas Holdem for 4 players. Its main feature is that bet increases are fixed by the rules.

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1 algumetra player icon algumetra 2588
2 Kareninna player icon Kareninna 1769
3 andresolle player icon andresolle 440
4 Pandi player icon Pandi 232
5 ludwigamadeu player icon ludwigamadeu 225
6 oldguy player icon oldguy 223
7 Blacky7 player icon Blacky7 222
8 ROMY_2103 player icon ROMY_2103 203
9 TuAbuelaAZTK player icon TuAbuelaAZTK 182
9 MainKata1M player icon MainKata1M 182

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