Minesweeper solitaire

The well-known Minesweeper game became popular when it was introduced in Windows operating system.

When playing minesweeper, you must try to free all the cells on the board that do not have a hidden mine.

Buscaminas online - 10x12

10x12 Minesweeper game

Buscaminas online - 8x10

8x10 Minesweeper game

Buscaminas online - 11x11

11x11 Minesweeper game

Buscaminas online - 20x20

20x20 Minesweeper game

Minesweeper online

We have adapted the popular Minesweeper solitaire game so that you can compete against other users. There are games of different difficulty depending on the size of the board and the number of hidden mines.

Whenever you play a rated solitaire game in Ludoteka, you are competing against other players. Up to 25 different players will play the same game, during a maximum period of two days. For more information see the solitaire games.

Go ahead and play the popular online Minesweeper game competing against Ludoteka players.

To learn how to play Minesweeper, you can …

… and read the detailed Minesweeper game rules

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