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Social relationships

Ludoteka is not only a place to compete against some other people, you also have some tools to interact with them:

  • Game chat: During the game you can chat with the other players.
  • Private chat with friends. You can also have conversations with other players outside the scope of the game, even if you are not simultaneously connected. You must have each other as friends to use the private chat.
  • Player information: You can get information about any player by clicking on their name: games and levels, statistics of the games in which you have met...
    From this tab you can also label the type of relationship you want to have with this player.

Label players

These are the possible labels related to players:

People you like

  • Friendship You can invite any player to be you friend. Friends are easier to locate if you want to play with them. You can also use private chat to talk with them.
  • Preferred players to play with When you get in to play, the system will show you with higher priority those games in which your favorite players are in, and you will recognize them by the corresponding icon.
  • Preferred players as partner The system will take it into account when you meet with them in a game by pairs. Take into account that, for rated games, the system does not always satisfy players' preferences.

People you dislike

  • Unwanted players This is the tool you have to use if you never want to meet someone. The system will prevent you from playing together.
  • Players I dislike to play with The games in which they are will be given a lower priority in the list of games that the system offers you to play, and you will recognize them by the corresponding icon.
  • Player you dislike as partner The system will prevent you, if possible, from partnering when you meet in a game.

Inappropriate use of chat

If unfortunately you come across someone annoying when using the chat of the game, we recommend you to click on the offensive message. A small panel will appear from which you can:

  • Ignore player messages during the rest of the game.
  • Notify to the system, when the message is insulting or offensive.

If you use this tool wisely, you will be helping to keep Ludoteka like a nice site.