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Rooms are meeting areas created by one player, where only players who have been invited by the administrator (the creator) of the room can enter.

You can use a room to join with your friends or family to play and chat. If you want to organize small challenges or tournaments between friends, it is a great option.


  • Be a member of a room. A player who accepts an invitation to join a room becomes a permanent member. They cease to be a member of the room if they are eliminated from it by the administrator, or if they decide to leave it.
  • Restricted access. Only members of a room can enter to play and chat.
  • It looks and works much like the general meeting area.
  • Chat. There is a main chat in the room, open to all members. Besides, viewers are allowed to chat in games played in private rooms.
    As all members are supposed to trust each other, there is no tool to mark offensive comments.
  • Total freedom to open games. In the rooms you can always choose your opponents and teammates.
  • You see all players and current games present in the room, and they see you, regardless of whatever tag you put on them. Take into account, for example, that you could find yourself in a room with a player that you have tagged as a user with whom you do not want to join.
  • Permanently open. The room is always available to all members.

Manage a room

Each player has the option to create and manage one room. You can do it from Your Account.

  • Create. You only need to give a name for the new room.
  • Invite. Any player can be invited to be a member of the room. You can do it from the configuration panel of the room at Your Account, or looking at their information (by clicking on their name) from anywhere in Ludoteka.
  • Remove invitation. It is possible to withdraw any invitation that has not been answered yet.
  • Remove member. If the administrator remove a member, they will not be able to enter the room again.
  • Delete room. The room can be deleted at any time. Immediately all its members will cease to be part of it.
  • Send message. The manager can send a message to all members of the room.
  • Change icon or name. You only need to give a name for the new room.

Use tips

  • From Ludoteka we recommend to use the rooms for trusted groups: friends or family, private tournaments, etc. The administrator should invite known players that may be interested in being members of the room.
  • You can use the tool to send messages to all members of the room to suggest when to meet.
  • Changing the name of the room can confuse its members. So, only do it if you think the new name will better describe the purpose of the room.

Practical information

  • To create or manage your own room, or to stop being a member of a room, you must access the Your Account page.
  • Before entering in a room you must access the general meeting area, and you will see the list of rooms to which you belong at the top of the Players and Rooms tab.
  • The scoring system in Ludoteka requires that players compete with a very wide range of opponents. Therefore, if you only play against a reduced group of members of one room, the results of those games will have little effect on your score.
  • Rooms that are not used for a long time will be automatically eliminated.