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Sign in, sign up and account changes

How to Sign Up

When you sign up you will see that you have two options:

  • Provide a nickname and password directly to Ludoteka. If you also give a valid email address, you can use all the functions of Ludoteka.
    In this case, Ludoteka will send you a confirmation email to your email address. Anyway, if you do not have your email to review, you can leave that confirmation for later and start playing only with the username and password. Until you confirm your email, there will be some functions that you will have restricted, such as the use of chat tools.
  • Access with your Google or Facebook account. In this case, you don´t have to provide a password, because you can always use your linked account to sign in.

Although at the time of creating your registration you would not have chosen to do so by linking it to a Google or Facebook account, you can do it at any moment from your account.