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Log in, sign up and account changes

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To log in, use the button that you will find in the upper right of the window. You must give your nickname or email, and your password.
Now you can log in using this link,
Once you hit the Log in button, you will receive one of the following responses:

  • Correct identification : Your information is correct, so you are logged in.
  • The nickname has not been registered in Ludoteka : The given nickname does not exist in Ludoteka. It has never been used, or it was deleted.
  • Wrong password : The password you have written is not linked to the identifier (player name or email). You can use the option I connot remember it from the identification window, or just click on this link.
  • Nobody is registered with the email address my_email@example.com and the password you have given .

If you have linked your account with a Google or Facebook account, logging in is even easier. Just select the option to access with Google or Facebook, and if you already are logged in with one of these services, the you will be logged in automatically with Ludoteka.