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Account changes

You can change any of your account data in your account page: nickname, password, email or icon. Some changes will require you, as a security measure, to enter your current password. You can also link (or unlink) your Ludoteka profile to a Google or Facebook account for identification purposes.

  • Change nickname :
    • You can change the nickname, keeping all the user settings: scores, game history, player lists ...
    • This change is reflected everywhere in Ludoteka.com: history of played games, lists of friends and unwanted players ...
      Therefore, changing your nickname does not change your identity in Ludoteka.
    • If you want to set again a new nickname, you must wait at least one month after the last change.
    • To avoid confusion, nobody will be able to use your previous nickname for some time.
    • You must have Ludo+ subscription to change your nickname.
  • Change password :
    • You can change your password by choosing a new one yourself.
    • If you do not remember your current password, you can request a new one that will be sent to your email address.
  • Change email: It is important to keep a valid email. You can need it to recover a nick when you have problems with the password. It is also useful to log in if you cannot remember your nickname. Remember that this change must be validated using the link or the keyword that you will receive in an email message.
  • Icon change: Choose an icon that you like. Use the icon editing tool: you will find hundreds of images that you can combine, changing their size, color and position.
  • Linking or unlinking with Google or Facebook: having your Ludoteka account linked to your Google or Facebook account makes easier the log in process; you can change this link whenever you want and how many times you want.
  • Provide password: If you registered in Ludoteka directly using your Google or Facebook account, it was not necessary for you to provide us with a password, since it is Google or Facebook respectively that manages the identification in each session. But you can enter a password for your Ludoteka account at any time.