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New version of Ludoteka

Since 2020 there is a renewed version of Ludoteka available, which we recommend for these reasons:

  • You can use it from any browser, and also using mobile devices. There is no need to download any program.
  • The look of the games has been improved.
  • There are some new games: cinquillo, hearts, garrafina, Venezuelan and Cuban dominoes, Uruguayan and Venezuelan trick, ...
  • We will continue improving this new version.


Play in the new version of Ludoteka

Ludo Zone Ludo Zone

Tournaments Zone Tournaments Zone

0 Players

114 Players

You have to install the Java software in your computer to play in these zones.

Then you have to download and install The Ludoteka program (+info)

download Ludoteka program (Win)
(ludoteka_install.exe) [1,63 MB]

If your system is not Windows, download the programm from Ludoteka program help page

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