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New version of Ludoteka

Since 2020 there is a renewed version of Ludoteka available, which we recommend for these reasons:

  • You can use it from any browser, and also using mobile devices. There is no need to download any program.
  • The look of the games has been improved.
  • There are some new games: cinquillo, hearts, garrafina, Venezuelan and Cuban dominoes, Uruguayan and Venezuelan trick, ...
  • We will continue improving this new version.


Play in the new version of Ludoteka

Ludo Zone Ludo Zone

Tournaments Zone Tournaments Zone

11 Players

560 Players

You have to install the Java software in your computer to play in these zones.

Then you have to download and install The Ludoteka program (+info)

download Ludoteka program (Win)
(ludoteka_install.exe) [1,63 MB]

If your system is not Windows, download the programm from Ludoteka program help page

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