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1. What is Ludoteka ClasiKa?

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1. What is Ludoteka ClasiKa?

What does it offer?

¿Is it free?

Ludoteka ClasiKa is the version of the Ludoteka games that we started in 2005. It has been used by around one million players. During 2020 we renewed the website with a new improved version of the games, but there is still a community of players that wants to continue enjoying the usual Ludoteka, the one they have known for years, and we decided to keep it running in a section of the website called Ludoteka ClasiKa.
These are some of the features of Ludoteka ClasiKa:

  • The Java software must be installed, and it is required to download a program. It is not possible to play from browsers or mobile devices.
  • It works very fine, but we are no longer working on new improvements for this version.
  • Some games that are not available in the new version are offered: siete y medio, barricade, parcheesi without dice, 4 in a row, wari, golf, reversi, hex, ...
  • Some new games and variants that have been added to the new version are not offered: garrafina, several domino games, solitaire games, ...
  • It has an automated system of weekly tournaments. Surely this feature will be added later into the new version.

What does it offer? is a free multiplayer web service with several games for two or more people. You have to put your skill and we will put the place and people to play. Theese are the main characteristics that distinguish Ludoteka:

  • Ludoteka offers a wide range of card, dice, and classic and modern board games; all of them are easy to learn, or very popular games in Spain. You can take a look at the complete list of the playable games.
  • High number of players. You always can meet somebody to play. The game zone includes a search system to find the games or people that more fit your own insterest.
  • Quick: fast animations, automatic forced moves, short answer times, the option to change inmediately between different games, ... usually games in Ludoteka start and run quickly.
  • You may query and review your own games ( ), getting statistics of the results, the details for every game, the evolution of the reached skill according to the rating.
  • Communication tools: besides the chat in the game, there are several chat rooms, the option to chat directly with an specific player.
  • Languages: the interface of Ludoteka ClasiKa is offered in English, French, Spanish and Basque languages.

¿Is it free?

You can play unlimitedly if you get Ludo+ subscription by any of the available payment methods. In any case you can play by free every day during a limited time, and you always may play by yourself, watch games, chat and review your played games.


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