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Ludoteka ClasiKa help

1. What is Ludoteka ClasiKa?

5. The rating system

2. Ludo+

6. Play in Ludo and Tournaments zones

3. The game zone

7. Frequent asked questions

4. Rules of tournaments

2. Ludo+

Ludo+: Play without any limit


Play by free

Ludo+: Play without any limit

The Ludo+ subscription gives the option to play without any kind of limitation: all the games with no time limits, and all the tornaments.


Play by free

However, there is no need to be subscribed to enjoy Ludoteka, because all players can:

  • Play always promoted games: there are daily several games (the less 31 played games in the previous days), that may be played without any restriction.
  • Play not promoted games for 30 minutes every day.
  • Take part in free tournaments.
With Ludo+Without Ludo+


Promoted games Promoted games

All the games

30' every day




The account of the 30 daily minutes is done according to the following rules:

  • Once a game is started it may be ended, even if the accumulated time is over the daily limit.
  • Nicks using the same IP address or computer are counted as if it were the same player.
  • The time is discounted only while games are being played.
  • The restriction affects only to the option to play, but you can chat or watch games anyway you want.
  • New players lose the option to use this free time if they don´t validate their email address during the first month since they are registered.

Acquire Ludo+


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