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12. Regulations and advise

Use regulations


Use regulations

  • All players must be respected. It is not accepted to insult or despise any player, abandon games without any reason, change nicks continuously, nor any on purpose conduct that could be annoying for remaining players. Players who show this kind of behaviour could be prevented from using some of the options, or even from getting into Ludoteka.
  • Offensive nick names are not allowed. Players who use them could be forced to change it in order to recover the permission to play.
  • Cheating is forbidden; Ludoteka reduces the score, or disables the option to play rated games, when it is detected that rated games are not really competitively played, but fictitiously aimed to increase the score.


  • Protect your name with a difficult password: do not use your name, your pet´s name, your email address, the place where you live, your date of birth, or any inforamtion that could be guessed by someone who knows something about you. Al least you should introduce an extrange character or digit. If you are afraid of forgetting your own password, just give your email address in the registere details, so that you could generate a new password. Finally, don´t forget to drop the messages that give you the password if you think that you could be robbed by someone who may access your email.
  • Play different kind of games: the learning of new games is a profitable exercise for your mind. Perhaps you will find that the games that you use to play are really the funniest and the more interesting, but, since you surely will have enough time to practise them, it is worth to try sometimes with some other games. Ludoteka makes you easy the change to a new game: after the end of the game, you just can start a different game against the same opponent from the same panel, and there is no need to agree to go to another page, room or zone.
  • Make sure that Ludoteka works fine with your computer and you consider it satisfying before make any payment to get Ludo+ access.
  • Take a break: don´t play too long non-stop. After playing uninterruptedly several games you will surely get tired and your skill will be affected.
  • Do not give great importance to the level that you get in the rating system: the goal is only to give a small motivation to every player, and especially to make easier the meeting with nearby skilled players.
  • And, especially, enjoy yourself.


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