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Tute cabron

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Tute cabron: Image of the game

This is a very popular Tute variant.

Due that it is similar to the Tute played in pairs, further on just the differences are explained:

  • Three or four players take part in the game
  • The distinctive feature of this game is that there is not a single winner in every deal, but a single loser.
  • As a general rule, the player or players who get the intermediate position in every hand are the losers. There are some exceptions that will be explained.
  • A normal Spanish card pack is used; when 3 players take part, twoes are removed.
  • All the cards are dealt at the start of the hand; no trump is set at this moment.
  • When the Caballo and the King of the same suit are thrown during the same trick, the player who gets that trick gets also the canticle in that suit. This is the only way to get canticles in the Tute Cabrón. If it is the first canticle during the hand, the corresponding suit becomes the trumps suit, and the player gets 40 points. Subsequently canticles will value only 20 points.
  • As previously said, in every hand the loser is who gets the intermediate score. There are two exceptions to this general rule:
    1. The player who doesn´t get any trick loses the hand; in particular, if one only player gets all the tricks, the other players lose.
    2. If all the players get some trick and one or two of them are over 100 points, those who are over that limit will lose the point.
  • Players who get the same score will be losers if there is no any other loser according to the rules (if there is not any player without tricks, nobody has over the limit, and there is not any other intermediate score).
  • So, the goal is to try the first or last score, but avoiding the more extreme tactics: it is not valid to let go all the tricks, neither to obtain too many points.
  • Every loser in the hand receives one point. The game finishes when one of te player reaches the determined score. The winner is who has the lower score; if two or more players draw in the first position, the game will continue until the draw is broken.

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