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Sixes: Image of the game


This is a Spanish card game.

The Spanish pack has 40 or 48 cards distributed in four suits: oros (golden coins), copas (glasses), espadas (swords) and bastos (sticks); the picture cards are sota (jack,10), caballo (horse,11), and rey (king,12). Most games are played with the 40 cards pack (pictures and cards from ace to seven), but some of them need also eights and nines.

The number of players that can take part in one game of sixes is very variable; however, it´s not advisable a number of player lower than three of higher than six.

The version that we offer is made to play four people


The objective of the game is to discard.

The winner is the player who reaches an established score as a result of the discards.

How the game goes on

The fourty cards of the pack are dealt between all the players.

Players should discard one card by turn, making together on the table one run for each suit of the pack. These runs start always from the six, and may be completed both down to the ace and up to the king.

The first card to be discarded must be the six of coins; so the player that has this card starts the game.

The turn goes on anticlockwise. If possible, each player has to put one of his cards on the corresponding run; one card can be put if his number is 6 or when the next higher or lower card of the same suit is already on the table.

When different cards may be discarded, the player can choose any of them.

When there is not any chance to discard, the player who has the turn must announce it by saying pass, and the turn goes on straight to the next player.

The first player who places on the table all his cards gets five points, as well as an additional point for each card that the remaining players still hold in their hands.

The other players lose one point for each card they still hold in their hands.

In next hands the leader will be the player placed on the right of the previous one. The first card thrown always have to be a six, but it doesn´t necessarily have to be the six of golds.

The game finishes when the player who discards reaches the necessary score to win the game.


Since this a simple game, the result tends to depend exclusively on the good luck; we have make up an additional option that gives more strategy to this game.

This option is called balanced dealing, and it means that the cards are dealt according to the following restrictions:

  • Every player receives one card of every number or picture (one Ace, one Two, one Three, ..., one King).
  • Nobody receives two cards in a row of the same suit.

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