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Rules of the games at Ludoteka

Board games


The more practised board game in West. Both teams try to checkmate the opponent king.   Chess


A very ancient board game from Asia. Currently, one of the more interesting and practiced games all over the world   Go

Spanish Draughts

The oldest variant of checkers, practised in Spain, Portugal, South America and North of Africa   Spanish Draughts

International Draughts

The more widespreaded draughts game. It is played on 10x10 table. The same rules are used on 12x12 for Canadian Draughts and Brasilian (8x8)   International Draughts

Italian Draughts

Played on an 8x8 table. Kings can´t fly and pawns can´t capture kings. Priority rules for capturing are rather complex.   Italian Draughts

Pool Checkers

Draughts game mainly played in some states of South of the USA. Played on an 8x8 board.   Pool Checkers


The more widespreaded draughts game in English-speaking countries. The rules are the easiest to learn between all draughts games: no capturing priorities and no flying kings   Checkers

Russian Draughts

It is very similar to International Draughts, played on an 8x8 board. The most specific rule is that pawns may start capturing like a king at the moment of the promotion. The give-away version of this game is the very popular and may be also played.   Russian Draughts

Turkish Draughts

This draughts game is very different from the others. Moves are made vertically and horizontally. It is one of the more played draughts games in the world, especially in the Middle East.   Turkish Draughts

Thai Draughts

This is the draughts game where the lower amount of pieces is used (every player uses just 8 pawns on a 8x8 board)   Thai Draughts

Frisian Draughts

Practised in some zones of the Netherlands; surprising captures moves are possible   Frisian Draughts


Modern board game. Pieces move very similar to the pawns in chess, and the goal it to reach the last line of the board with any of them   Breakthrough


Modern board game. Pieces must cross through the board, moving in a line, up to the opponent´s first row.   Epaminondas


Well-known board game from England. It is easy to learn; pieces are flipped during the game, alternatively changing the side which owns them   Reversi


Ancient Indian game, predecessor of chess.   Chaturanga


The most popular african mancala game. Players have to be skilful doing calculations to capture the 48 seeds that move around the board.   Oware


A very interesting modern connection game. Rules are simple, but strategies may be very complicated   Hex


Modern board game, very easy to learn. The goal is to align four pieces with at least one common characteristic   Quarto

Lines of action

A very interesting modern connection game. Games are short and tend to be much more interesting and intense that it seems at first sight   Lines of action

Connect 4

Very popular board game, whose goal is to align 4 pieces on a vertical board   Connect 4

Connect 5

Very easy to learn oriental board game; the goal is to align 5 pieces   Connect 5


Moder board game; every player puts two stones in his turn, and the goal is to align 6 of them   Connect6


Strange ancient game from Java Island; the goal is to leave the opponent without pieces through surprising capture moves   Surakarta

Nine men´s morris

One of the oldest board games that nowadays is still played   Nine men´s morris


Modern connection game, played on an hexagonal board. The goal is to build a bridge, fork or ring shaped connection.   Havannah


A very interesting connection game played on an hexagonal board; both players decide between two different goals in the first phase of the game   Unlur


Tafl family board game from Laponia. Pieces symbolize swedish soldiers (white pieces) trying to help their king to escape from muscovites soldiers (black pieces)   Tablut

Bagh Chal

Easy to learn ancient nepali game; pieces symbolize four tigers trying to capture twenty goats   Bagh Chal


Dice game. Dice are used as pieces that may capture according to their values.   Cephalopod

Cards and dice games


Race and capture game. The most played game at   Parcheesi

Parcheesi by teams

Race and capture game. The most played game at   Parcheesi by teams

Parcheesi without dice

Parcheesi version, designed by, where there is no need to be lucky to win the game   Parcheesi without dice


Dice game that offers the option to make many captures and put barricades to the opponents. Very suitable for players who like parcheesi.   Barricade

Domino by pairs

Played with 28 pieces, this is the more played domino game in Spain; it is very easy to learn and one of the more interestings.   Domino by pairs

Individual domino

The domino game played by pairs, adapted to play individually   Individual domino


The most popular dice game in the world   Backgammon

Liar poker

Poker variant played with dice   Liar poker

Mus, 8 kings

The most popular Spanish card game. Twoes behave as aces, and threes as kings   Mus, 8 kings

Mus, 4 kings

The most popular Spanish card game   Mus, 4 kings


Spanish card game. The goal is to join runs or cards of the same picture   Chinchon


Rummy-type Spanish card game   Remigio


The name may be translated as "rotten"; Spanish card game whose objective is to guess the number of tricks that will be achieved in every hand.   Pocha

Liar cards

Easy to learn Spanish card game. The goal is to discard by throwing cards of a certain picture or number and not to be catched telling lies   Liar cards


Easy Spanish card game whose name may be translated as "broom". The goal is to achieve groups of cards by adding fifteen points.   Escoba


Italian sweep, a very popular Italian card game; the rules are very similar to Spanish escoba, but strategy must be very different   Scopa


Spanish card game; this is the easiest of the Tute family games   Brisca


Spanish card game. The goal is to discard from all the cards. Rules are very simple   Sixes

Crazy sixes

Variant of the sixes or cinquillo card game. The difference is that there are not restrinctions to play cards following a sequence.   Crazy sixes


Spanish card game played by pairs, very practised in Aragon and bordering regions   Guiñote


Spanish card game; the goal is to dicard by throwing cards with an higher value than those used by opponents.   President

Seven and a half

Easy to learn Spanish card game; it has a certain similarity to blackjack   Seven and a half


Very popular Spanish card game, played in pairs. Players have to get tricks in order to reach the highest score.   Tute

Tute subastado

Tute variant. Players bet on the number of points that may get in every hand   Tute subastado

Havanian tute

Tute variant adapted for 2 players   Havanian tute

Tute cabron

Tute variant for 3 or 4 players, where the goal is not to get an interemediate score. The most special feature is that there are is not an only winner, but one only loser   Tute cabron


Tute variant played with only 20 cards   Cuatrola


Tute variant played individually. Players must try to get 2 tricks with 5 cards   Julepe


The more popular card game in Catalonia   Butifarra


Very popular Portuguese card game, played in pairs   Sueca


One of the most popular card games in South America; it is a mix of two kind of card games: tricks and bets on the card combinations.   Truco


A very popular card game played mainly in the zone of Valencia; it is a mix of a trick and combinations card game.   Truc


Card game; five cards are used, the goal is to get the maximum amount of point with cards of the same suit, and bets are similar to poker   Golfo

Poker Texas Holdem

The most popular card game in the world   Poker Texas Holdem

Letter soup

Letter soup (words are in Spanish)   Letter soup


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