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Havanian tute

This is the more popular Tute variant for two players.

Due that it is very similar to the Tute played in pairs, further on just the differences are explained:

  • Two players take part in the game
  • At the start of the turn 8 cards are dealt to every player; the next card will set the trumps, and is put face up next to the remining cards of the pack, that are left face down on the gaming table
  • After playing each trick players take one card from the pack, so that they always have 8 cards while the pack is not empty
  • Turns run in two phases. The first one lasts while the pack has any card, and during this phase the player who throws the second card in every trick has only the obligation to assist (if possible, the card thrown must be of a trump if the opponent has used another trump). During the second phase, until playing all the cards, the rules regarding obligations are the same as tute played by pairs.
  • Canticles may be made at any moment, provided that the player has the required cards and has won the last trick
  • There is no option to chant Tute
  • When one player has the seven of the trumps, it may be changed by the card that points out the trumps if this card has some value (Ace, Three, Rey, Caballo or Sota). The change can be done only after winning one trick and before taking a new card from the pack. The same king of change may be made also between the Two and the remaining cards with no value (Four, Five, Six or Seven).
  • The hand is won by the player who reaches more than 100 points; if both players get more than 100 points, the players with the highest amount wins the turn. If none of them reaches more than 100 points, a second turn is played, and the points in both turns are added.
  • The second turn has not to be played completely: the winner of every trick has the chance to announce that the 101 points limit has been reached, and the hand is already won; if the sum has not been correct and the 101 limit has not been reached, the opponent wins the hand.
  • Players can make a capote (cape). The capote is got when the same player gets the last 8 tricks of the turn. The player who want to try it must inform about it at the start of the first of those tricks. When someone tries to make capote, the points achieved by both players during the trick are not counted, and the hand is won by that player oy by the opponent depending of the success in the attempt to achieving those 8 last tricks.

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