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Individual domino


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Individual domino: Image of the game


The main rules are the same as domino by pairs, but in practice the strategies may become very different.

Besides of being an individual game, the follwing rules must be considered:

  • The number of pieces dealed may be 7, 9 or 14.
  • In the case of three players and 9 pieces dealed, the double zero is left out of the game, so that all the remaining 27 pieces are dealed.
  • In any other case, some of the pieces remain out of the game; while any piece remains out of the game, every time that some of the players can´t make any valid move must take, one by one, pieces from the group that has not been dealed, until some of them may be put.
  • When the round is finished, the pieces that could still remain out of the game are not counted to update the score; just the pieces that remain in the hands of the players are counted.

Ludoteka also offers the 7+7 variant, with the following rules:

  • Two players take part in the game. Each of them receives two groups of seven pieces.
  • The rules are the same as the game played by pairs, but one only player controls the whole team.
  • It may be considered an special variant to be played on the Internet; the goal is to give the option to play invidually nearly the same game played by pairs, but avoiding the option to cheat by telling the pieces through any other way out of the program.

There is more informations in the domino by pairs rules page.

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